v3ga — Julien Gachadoat

Generative artist


Book — edited by Vetro Editions — 2023

Pathways exhibition

Exhibition — Cromwell Place — London (UK) — 2023


Generative NFT — Plottables — 1/1/256 — 2023

Line ballet

NFT Exhibition at Galerie Charlot — unique artworks — 2022


A collection of plotter artworks created with algorithms on Instagram

Sato — Blue, Black and Grey

Generative — created for Chapelle XIV music label — 60 silkscreen printed and 10 signed axidraw plotted sleeves

Haze — Tribute to Herbert W. Franke

NFT — objkt.com — 1/1/4


Generative NFT — Feral File — 1/1/30

—GRAPH exhibition curated by Casey Reas featuring Licia He, Aleksandra Jovanić, Iskra Velitchkova, Tyler Hobbs, James Merrill

Memory Scale — Soft Power

Generative cover — released on Audiobulb music label


Generative NFT — ArtBlocks — 1/1/512

Working at AATB studio

Workshop — plotting with Universal Robots at AATB studio in Arles (FR)


NFT — objkt.com — multiple collectibles on the tezos blockchain


NFT — versum.com — Collectibles with claimable penplotted artworks on the tezos blockchain


Exhibition — Curated by Metavilla — Bordeaux (France) — 2020

Graphic waves

Exhibition — DIDAM — Bayonne (France) — 2020

Dessins géométriques et artistiques

Sharing — Github — Recode of the book "Dessins géométriques et artistiques avec votre micro-ordinateur" (1985) by french mathematician and computer scientist Jean-Paul Delahaye with p5js

Computer history

Sharing — Github — Compilation of links related to computer & computer art history


Sharing — Github — Experiment and an attempt at showing how code runs into a typical p5.js program

Creative coding courses

Sharing — Domestika — aimed at beginners wanting to learn the basics of creative coding