leClone / SmallFly

"This is our first prototype in the field of multi-touch surfaces. As the well know project of Jeff Han, our interface uses the FTIR technique. Infrared light and computer vision are used to track usersí fingers motion/interaction with the surface."

UGIS / i2off.org

U.G.I.S (Urban Graffiti Interactive Simulation) is a digital graffiti system that get some determinate physic source (laser, cellphone, wiimote) and synthesize it simulating be a spray over a surface.

FTIR / lowres.ch

You will find some notes and tips on building your own FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) input device that is actually working! I've searched the net quite some time finding all infos to get it up and running. the other part is pure software and the possibilities to create funny and also useful things are immense.

Siehoevet / Philip Mendels

Siehoevet! is both a mirror for exploring your own dancing and a vj-tool.

Living Interface / Marc Nonnenmacher

Living Interface is a study of mixing together a real single life form with computed boids to produce sounds and graphics.

t3d / i2off.org+r3nder.net

The installation consists of two well defined and clearly differentiated moments. Firstly a multiple
videos tracking and image analysis system generates the 3D structure of the passing of time.
Secondly a physics interface allows the user to audio visually navigate the resulting 3D structure
using both hands to gesture.
Itís a spatial exploration of the spiritís angles in a moment.

Puppet Show / Devin, Jamie & Alex

PuppetShow is a system that allows people use there bodies to control virtual characters. Puppet show uses a webcam to track the movements of a puppet and translates the gestures into bone movements in a game engine. Puppet Show's goal is remove confusing middleware (keyboards and mice) from the player interface and allow the users to use their body's natural expressiveness to convey themselves in virtual environments.

Shadow Monsters / Philip Worthington

"Magical monsters appear from shadows cast by the hands of participants, reacting to gestures with sound and animation. Wolf like creatures, birds and a rastafarian are among the characters that speak and squeek as imaginary mouths open and close. Shadow Monsters is an intuitive and magical experience for young and old alike to play with body posture for creating crazy narratives"
(From Cybersonica 2006 presentation)

Aquanauta / Estadolateral

This interactive musical experience starts from six different interfaces. The guests are involved in this work through sensory attemps, generating a total different way of relating to it.

Picamotics / Picamotics

PICAMOTICS aim is to explore the possibilities of interacting with a surrounding space simply by presence and movement. The space continually collects information about its visitors and interprets them - at the same time any behaviour changes the acquired data. The result is an individual feedback situation between the space and each visitor - an intense reactive environment.

Life / i2off.org

A real-time projection that responds to the intervention of our body.a projection in which you can see a series of virtual bacterias that walk freely until they detect a presence, towards which they desperately run in search of it's flesh, to devour their pain and sins.

Infected area / MoodPlug

In the infected area of DGI-byen some virtual creatures have inhabited the physical space. They swim around in flock formations while avoiding the objects on their way.