This library is aimed at doing computer vision by finding ‘blobs’ on an image , that is to say areas whose brightness is above or below a particular value.

It allows to compute blobs’edges as well as blobs’bounding box. However, this library does not perform blob tracking, it only tries to find all blobs each frame it was fed with.

It was primarly developped for Processing but can be used in any java programs.


October 2012
I just updated the examples of the library to work with the latest version of Processing (2.0b3). The examples still work with Processing 1.5.1 but you have to see the instructions in the code. Basically it's just commenting / uncommenting one line to make the sketch run.

August 2011
Wow. Finally took time to fix a bug with navigation, also updated the download package which respects the Processing standard (library / src / examples) for a simpler installation.
Contour Map was added in the examples folder of the library. Many thanks to Cedric Kiefer.

September 2006
Publishing this new website. I closely worked with Philip Worthington for enhancing the lib which is going to be released soon. Source codes of the lib are now available in the download page.

December 2005
Added computation of triangles for each blobs, allowing fast drawing of filled blobs. As an example, I developped a small application showing kaleidoscopic effect.

May 2005
Release as .jar, which can be included in Processing (BETA). The lib supports Blob Detection now.

June 2004
First release of an EdgeDection procedure. See video here.