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Exposition News Projects - 17th March 2009
Gravity @Utopia, Bordeaux, France

I had the opportunity to teach several workshops, give a talk and show Gravity during the month of March.

  • La Chose Programmée, a workshop held @ BBB in Toulouse (February 23th to 26th), where code together with Bluetooth technologies on mobile phones were explored with Etienne Cliquet and some students of the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Toulouse.
    Read a more detailed article on 2Roqs website.
  • Openframeworks workshop, held @ Craslab in Paris (February 28th to March 1st). By the way, version 006 was just released a few days ago and has now support for iPhone development. Check a tutorial on Memo’s website (more to come).
    Slides about Openframeworks (pdf, french)
  • Code as a creative tool, a talk followed by a short Processing workshop given for the festival Siana in Evry (March 23rd). Yay, it was very cool to talk about the early Atari & Amiga demoscene in the end of the 80’s.
    Scroll some more text about this on 2Roqs website.
  • Gravity was exhibited twice in Bordeaux (March 17th to 20th) . The first installation was shown for “la semaine de la langue française”, and it was set up in an old nunnery that is part of the Drac Aquitaine, a french government organization responsible for promoting cultural events.
    The other one was set up as part of the E.motion electronic festival in Bordeaux. The animation was projected on the Utopia movie theater’s facade. This event was a huge success as the application received more than 1000 sms messages in roughly 3 hours!
    Videos, photos on 2Roqs website.